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Napper River Swimmer
Helen Napper

Helen Napper's paintings of still lifes prompted the artist James Dodds to say 'they have all the intimacy and intensity of van Gogh’s Almond Blossom Branch in a Glass - at a fraction of the price.' Well known for her paintings of swimmers, the sea, the marshes and the creatures that wander through them, Napper's scenes are as often imbued with saturated colour as they are immersed in muted grey tones and capture the coastal hues she sees from her home in Aldeburgh where she has lived, painted and swum every day since The Great Storm of 1987. 


Napper graduated from Wimbledon School of Art before postgraduate study at Reading University, Central School of Art and Design and The London University. She has exhibited widely in the UK, including the Stowell’s Trophy Exhibition at The Royal Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Messums, Thackeray, Rebecca Hossack and Sue Rankin Galleries in London. Her work is found in public and private collections worldwide.

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