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Shards of a discarded ink bottle from hundreds of years ago or fragments of a wine bottle thrown away as recently as the previous year tumble together in seas around the world. Over time sharp edges erode before they wash ashore, but sea glass is increasingly rare as the growing presence of plastic waste in our waters makes it even harder to find. Combing the beaches of Suffolk, The Isles of Scilly and Spain, Fiona Petheram carefully selects each piece of glass for their unique sculptural shape and hues that reflect the colours of the sea. Her affection for natural forms is felt in each handcrafted design, combining salvaged sea glass gems with semi-precious stones, precious metals, silk or leather to create beautiful pieces of jewellery.


Petheram created Drift Jewellery in 2007 after moving to Tarifa on the Costa de la Luz of Spain. Now a Suffolk resident, she successfully sells Drift Jewellery online and through shops and galleries, including Designers Guild in London, Vanil in Woodbridge, the Tresco Gallery on the Isles of Scilly, and The Pink House in Mustique. Recently profiled in Country Living magazine (July 2018 issue), she is also featured in Rebecca Proctor’s The Sustainable Design Book, and regularly exhibits at select fairs, including the annual Slow Living Market in Orford.

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